College of Staten Island and Hostos Community College Endorse 7K or Strike!

strike train
Choo choo!

All aboard the 7K or Strike train! This past week PSC chapters at two more CUNY schools, College of Staten Island and Hostos Community College,  passed resolutions supporting a rigorous campaign for a $7K minimum wage per course for CUNY’s adjunct faculty in the coming PSC contract, all the way up to a strike! They join The Graduate Center, Bronx Community College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Hunter College, all of whom passed resolutions this past year. They also stand astride hundreds of PSC rank-and-filers, CUNY students, and their allies from across the city, who rallied for 7K or Strike last month.

These resolutions represent a democratic awakening at the local level, where important issues impacting the lives of CUNY workers and students are rarely deliberated. Moreover, they provide the opportunity to debate tactics and strategy around fighting austerity, inside and outside the CUNY system. As the present contract negotiations drag on and PSC members work yet again without a contract, we find ourselves at a crossroads of great importance to the fight against austerity: Do we continue to rely on a small set of technocratic “leaders,” who impose from on high a failed strategy of backroom conciliation with politicians and management, keeping the rank-and-file demobilized and in the dark? Or do we harness the power of our numbers, our fighting spirit, and our strategic relationships with students, parents, and communities across working-class New York City, to build a grassroots movement capable of going on the offensive?

You know our answer. It’s a new era, join us!

7K or Strike!



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