Bronx Community College Endorses 7K or Strike!

The strike wave continues to roll through CUNY! On October 11th, the Bronx Community College chapter of PSC voted unanimously to support 7K or Strike! for the coming contract. This means if adju32544032_1824121131216450_7540257486939357184_oncts don’t get 7K per course, we say shut it down! Roughly forty-five members came out for this exciting meeting, many bringing colleagues and friends who don’t normally attend PSC events. Discussion pointed to the need for strategy and prudence in approaching a strike. Nobody was kidding themselves about the magnitude of the task we are setting before ourselves when we say 7K or Strike! When it came time to vote, however, the result was unanimous. We understand the difficulties ahead, but we know with enough preparation, smarts and solidarity we can win!

BCC is the second chapter to endorse 7K or Strike, and similar resolutions are coming up at Hunter College and Borough of Manhattan Community College in the coming weeks. Who will be next? If you’d like to bring this to your campus, get in touch!

It’s a new era. Join us!

7K or Strike!

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