The CUNY Struggle Caucus is Challenging the Status Quo

The Graduate Center chapter of the PSC is holding an election this April, and the CUNY Struggle Caucus is challenging the status quo.

Our union has been controlled by the same caucus, the New Caucus, for 17 years. We are running a full slate against the New Caucus at the Graduate Center. Vote for us, and together we’ll transform the PSC and prepare for the fight ahead.

We stand for:

  • A broad social justice bargaining agenda
  • Democratic control of the union & university
  • Prioritizing graduate student and adjunct issues

Trump is threatening the very existence of public education, as well as the safety of many people in the CUNY system, our loved ones, and our neighbors. If you’re feeling scared, lost & alone, and have vowed to fight but aren’t sure where to start, get involved with your union, the PSC.

Democratically run unions help workers (that’s you!) secure better working conditions, and by virtue of bringing people together in struggle, they can form the basis for broader social movements.

The PSC is currently run in an undemocratic way, which is bad in its own right. But in the current political climate, it also makes us vulnerable to the impending assault on public sector unions. The longtime central leadership consists of a small group of people who have decided to double down on their losing strategy (begging politicians to give CUNY more $) rather than reckon with the gravity of the situation and build rank and file power. Under their leadership the salary gap between adjunct and tenured profs has widened (with adjuncts still making less than 30k working full-time), and both tuition and class sizes have gone up.

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