Rank-and-File Academic Organizing: Turning the Tide Against Austerity

CUNY Struggle is honored to host a panel on rank-and-file university organizing with some great comrades at this year’s Left Forum. Join panelists Andy Battle (PSC-CUNY, CUNY Struggle), Sonam Singh (Barnard Contingent Faculty), Camila Vergara (Graduate Workers of Columbia), Sofya Aptekar (Faculty Staff Union, UMass Boston), and moderator Jarrod Shanahan (PSC-CUNY, CUNY Struggle) for a discussion of the struggles at these universities, where they connect, and how they figure into the unfolding rank-and-file movement of educators in the United States and beyond. We encourage everyone to come share your experiences as an educator, activist, student, or just a friend of the struggle against class society. We’ll keep presentations brief to allow as much time as possible for an open discussion. Let’s put our heads together and hatch an unstoppable conspiracy!


Saturday, June 2nd
Room 1.71
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
899 10th Avenue, NYC

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