Tuesday, September 26: Tell Cuomo and CUNY We Demand $7k Now!

3:30: Meet at Cuomo’s Manhattan office, 633 3rd Ave

4:30: Rally outside CUNY Central, 205 E 42nd St

With the contract expiring in November, it’s time to put pressure on our bosses to pay us a fair, living wage: $7000 per course minimum.
$7k is the only foundation on which real structural changes in adjunct working conditions can begin. It is not unrealistic: the contingent faculty unions at Tufts University and Barnard College both won minimum per-course rates of at least $7,000 for the coming academic year. CUNY can afford it too—currently it spends only 5% of its $5 bil annual revenue on adjuncts’ wages, who comprise over half the faculty and teach over half the classes.

Furthermore, we demand genuine job security in the form of a seniority system based on date of original appointment and the number of credits taught over time. Only militant, direct action can achieve both fair wages and job security.

We invite everyone in the CUNY community and NYC labor movement to struggle with us for greater investment in public higher education and for an end to the exploitation of CUNY faculty.

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